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Eating healthy and dieting are two different concepts we need to understand if we want to be healthy, not just physically, but also mentally. The foods we consume every day is the so-called fuel we need to think and thrive.

When we understand food, and we know how to use food, then we can be empowered to live free from any limitations. But it’s only when we are in control of what we are nourished with that we can truly learn to master ourselves.

Being healthy has a lot more to do with what works for you, and a lot less to do with what you’ve been told to do by your Government.

The world is facing a serious problem with lifestyle-related diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. People are still smoking, drinking, and eating the king’s delicacies just like they did 40 years ago, but back then children were not diagnosed with cancer or obesity.

So, what has changed? Well, everything and nothing. We are still working hard every day to build something for the future, and we are still eating meat, potatoes, and vegetables like our grandparents did, but we have become infected with something unseen. And it’s called Greed.


Historically, food has played an important role at celebrations and our cultural differences can greatly affect the way in which we prepare food.

When it comes to your well-being there are a few aspects to consider, and it can be hard to pinpoint one thing, but I do believe all of us know deep down where we are messing up.

The scariest thing about this economic world, this modern-day Babylon, is the fact that the food we think is safe and healthy, can prove to be infected with this disease called ‘Greed’.

The Food and Drug Administration will approve anything that has not been shown as harmful for human consumption, and they don’t need much evidence to give the green light either.

Thousands of farmers now opt for genetically enhanced strains of seeds to guarantee a bigger harvest (supply/demand) and more ‘ka-ching’.


Did I mention humans are complex organisms that are affected by a host of frequencies? Well-ness is an all-encompassing word for a state of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

We have not been able to research the long-term epigenetic effects of pesticides, hormones, chemicals, and genetically modified organisms.

If God designed man to co-exist with nature, then would it not be logical to consider what “Alien DNA” would do inside your body?

We genetically manipulate seeds for “good”, but are we trying to improve on what God already deemed as good? Your environment does affect your DNA, it’s called Epigenetics.


Food scientists are paid to create artificial flavors that would create a desire for more, enticing the consumer to crave and buy more.

Humans are naturally drawn to the sweet things in life, and the economic leaders of this world know this. And they know where to push.

Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, if you don’t feed yourself, someone else will. So, take note of what you put into your body and soul.


My mandate with Bodybuilding for Christ is to empower you to do things in faith, God’s Way. You will trust His ways to help you lose weight, detox from the world, and cleanse your soul.

Humans are, by nature, always running after the next dopamine fix. This makes us easy targets for those who wish to tempt us into buying again. Without consumers, their engines would stop turning and that’s why we are called by God to discern what’s true, and what’s not.

In this world dieting is a word that implies we sacrifice certain food groups to get something we desire. Whether that’s to be healthy, to be physically optimized, or to be loved/desired.

Dieting a choice we make to eat less junk food. But dieting doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, it can be a choice we embrace if we have knowledge of what is good, and what is not so good for us.

The world’s approach to weight-loss is normally a demonization of certain food groups, which fails to bring about a sense of true satisfaction.

Why? Well, because we view this food exchange with a lack mentality. When we look back at our old life of chocolate, pizza, cheese, and lattes, we will live with a longing desire and we will eventually give into temptation, indulge, and feel like crap the next day, choose to accept defeat, and remain the same with the shame.

Starving yourself never works. Firstly, your body will start to break down muscle tissue for survival, and then it will down-regulate anabolic hormones to lower the metabolic rate, which will lower overall energy output. This will impair your ability to focus and work effectively, which will influence your mood as dopamine levels drop. Finally, your body will increase hunger regulating hormones, and before you know it, you are binging on all the sweetest carbs.

Classic example of how eating disorders are formed. I believe everyone who has ever tried to lose weight would be able to tell you that there are more forces of darkness resisting their healthy efforts than the gates of hell can hold. These people all have valid excuses that would naturally make you understand why they can’t seem to get in shape. But it’s truly bullshit.

The world provides us with quick-fix solutions. GMO Agriculture, hormone infused meats, and chemically flavored treats to promote a desire for more. On top of that, they give us dieting protocols that aren’t sustainable or contextual.

As it is written, “Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, authorities, and the forces of darkness.” – Ephesians 6:12

Obese patients were once overweight people who failed to lose weight and lost faith in their ability to lose the weight and this opened the door for a spirit of heaviness to weaken them.

Living with depression or an eating disorder is not something I would want for anyone, it’s like you are possessed by it. Still, there are millions of people worldwide who fight this unseen battle they can’t seem to win on their own.

Those who have been weakened by the world usually live with fear and a lack mentality (Lust). They are less likely to take a leap of faith into the unknown or trust God to have more.


Today I would like to direct your steps in a way. There are many aspects to our health that we need to consider, and that’s why I recommend reading through all the content I share through Bodybuilding for Christ and then meditate on it.

We are all emotional creatures who are affected by thousands of unseen frequencies every day, and each of these frequencies can have a so-called pleiotropic effect on the expression of our genes. This butterfly effect shapes us.

The truth is we aren’t overweight because we are born to be obese. Family, trauma, and stress all play a big role in how we are shaped.

Did God make you weak, overweight, or sick? No, and that’s why I don’t believe in dieting for health or weight loss. Living according to the Original Design is the simple answer to the freedom and joy we desire to see and feel.


Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

The world changed what God originally made and called good. This greatly affects our health and the genes we pass onto our children.

GMOs are only one of the items on the list, and they cause more harm than we can predict in a lab. Think about it. Do you really think humans can improve Gods creation? Look at the world!

When we manipulated the genetic structure of seeds to produce MORE bread, the staple food group of the world, we unknowingly gave God the middle finger saying, “It not that good.”

Another important aspect to consider is mental and spiritual health. Everything we do, think, or say flows from the heart and mind. We need to heal from within to be set free from the past.

Jesus Christ came to earth so we might be set free from from fear, regret, bitterness, lust, and our destructive pride-filled hearts.

The Golden Calf

I don’t believe in restrictions that will cause rebellious attitudes towards healthy living. Dieting should be an “eat-more-good-food” lifestyle change that would satisfy you enough to no longer lose control of the desire for more.

There is nothing wrong with having something sweet. We’re all made to experience the good things in life, but when we only desire pleasure and comfort, we will try to avoid the season of refinement we will all go through. Being content with every state of being, whether it’s sweet or bitter, that is the mindset we need to master.

This is the purpose of the wilderness season God’s children need to go through as we re-learn who we are, and who the Holy Spirit is.

God is a jealous God. His love burns for us. He does not want idols like gold to defile us. His love will refine and heal us if we listen.

Even God considers the sweet things of life when He promised to lead us into a good land flowing with milk and honey. Trust His Spirit.

As it is written, “If the LORD is pleased with us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us as an inheritance – a land which flows with milk and honey.” – Numbers 14:8

God’s way of living will be challenging to the untrained, and that’s why it’s important to understand the concept of growth through resistance so you may embrace the present discomfort as the price you pay for eternal joy.

During the wilderness season God wants to show you the goodness of His heart for you.

With God there is no right or wrong, but there is order and balance, and once we align our steps with His we can live in a state of faith and grace.

Small Testimony

God allowed 3 men to attack me with a knife. Before they stabbed me 6 times I prayed for them and then the Spirit of the LORD came upon me. All 3 men ran in fear after the knife they used bounced off my chest like a snake.

After this event I was left with a wounded heart, approximately 8 stitches, and PTSD. The trauma affected me, and it opened the door for anger, depression, and anxiety. To be set free I had to apply biblical prayer and fasting strategies.

However, God used this event for His glory. He showed me the power of His Word and His Way. He then asked me to create a comprehensive nutrition guide to help all our members see the big picture. Download your free copy here.

God will use painful experiences to shape us as fiery weapons against the enemy’s schemes and just like He is using me in this field of healthcare and wellness, He wants to use you where your heart will embody His Spirit of Love’ Sacrifice.


Coach Jan

P.S. Be the Blessing.

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