Banting or Keto Diet? Why this works and how you can use it.


Hey guys and girls. Today I am giving you the world’s best diet strategy. If you want to eat for a lean physique without starving yourself and feeling miserable all the time, then starting your day with a banting style high protein high-fat meal will keep your blood sugar levels stable, which will keep you satiated throughout your day, and this will help you burn fat for energy.

When you have cereal or bread in the morning, those carbs go into your digestive system and they then get broken down into simple sugars. These simple sugars then get pulled into the bloodstream and your blood sugar levels rise.

The pancreas are then signaled to produce insulin which takes some of the sugar from the bloodstream and stores it in one of two places. Actually, to be scientifically correct, one of three, but we will only focus on two of them for now.

The first is the fat cells. If you eat too much sugar, it will get stored as fatty acids in fat cells. Then if you don’t have enough muscle glycogen, the sugar will be stored in the muscle cells and this is why strength training is such an amazing tool for fat loss as it creates a need for muscle glycogen, and then some of the sugar we eat will likely go to muscle cells and not fat cells.

The main thing we will focus on for your body transformation journey is the actions you take first thing in the morning. Starting your day pro-actively will positively influence the rest of your day, and if you’ve been sleeping till 7 am, then things will have to change in the next few days.


When you open your eyes in the morning you should feel rested and ready to tackle the day. However, that will likely not be the case if you have been overworked and malnourished by this world. And that is why you are here right?

Successful people start their day the previous day. Planning and preparing for success is the number one habit that will guarantee you step forward in faith with the right tools for the day.

Go to bed earlier, set strong boundaries after 21:00, and wake up feeling great and awake. This feeling will enable you to tackle any day.

Before your feet hit the floor, get on your knees and sincerely pray for your health, habits, and physique. Trust me, if you pray in faith, it works.

If you have been following one of my strength training programs, then the accumulated stress on your body will have affected your mobility and flexibility, and that’s why you might want to consider doing a 10 minute stretching routine first thing in the morning. You can try this one.

Emotional stress can also cause your muscles to tighten up and this can cause muscle spasms in the neck which can also trigger migraines and other posture-related complications (scoliosis).

Okay time to get to the main topic of this post… The first meal of the day: Breakfast

The key thing to understand about breakfast, or the first meal of the day, is the effect it has on your hormones and how you can best utilize this information to reach our physique goals.

When we wake up in the morning, we have usually been fasting for 8 hours or more, and it’s at this point where our bodies will start to produce high levels of growth hormone in the absence of insulin. But there is so much more…

Not only does growth hormone increase 10 fold, but your body also starts to produce adrenaline, activating the fight-or-flight response. This drives you to work.

When you break your fasted state with a high sugar meal like cereal, you will blunt all the benefits of having elevated GH levels and adrenaline that makes you feel awake.

Insulin and GH cannot be elevated at the same time as they are antagonistic pathways in the human body. Once we push sugar (carbs) into the bloodstream, the pancreas will push insulin.

Once this hunter-gatherer response shuts off, we start to feel lethargic, even tired, and it’s not even 11:00 in the morning. If this is you, then you are likely insulin resistant and you need to stop eating and drinking junk for breakfast.

This is also the reason why banting or keto diets work so well. It keeps us in this low insulin, high GH, adrenaline pumping mode where we feel great and move with more energy and focus.

It doesn’t matter what time you have breakfast, as long as you can stick to this basic guideline. Steer clear of sugar for breakfast, and that includes the dam rusks… Eat eggs instead.

Eggs are PACKED with nutrients and they served the golden era of bodybuilding for a very good reason, the yolk is an excellent source of fats, vitamins, and protein with a complete ratio of the most important branch chain amino acids. Buy high-quality eggs and invest in your own health and wellbeing. You only have one body.

If you’re a student on campus, buy an electric egg steamer and prep your eggs before you go. They will be conveniently sealed inside a shell. Just add salt and you will have a solid meal.


Getting clear on the nutritional approach you will take for optimal health is important if you are to build a solid foundation from the start.

You don’t have to be an extremist who only stands in one camp, and you can learn from every nutritional approach and apply the key aspects of each into your life to bring about a new sense of peace, vitality, and self-control.

You need sugar, we all do, but the right amount at the right time and for the right reason is the ultimate key to performance, recovery, and an optimized metabolic rate and strong physique.

As you progress through this Nutrition Guide you will learn about the benefits of fasting for longevity and detoxification of the body/mind.

The BB4C approach is to do a keto breakfast, then have leftovers for lunch, and for dinner you will enjoy a heartwarming carb-heavy meal with the ones you love. Make enough to pack some for lunch the next day. Keep it low fat.

If you want to lose weight and you enjoy food as much as I do, then you might want to consider fasting as a viable option. Eating breakfast after 11:00 can help you save over 500 calories for later in the day when you feel “snacky”.

If you do feel “snacky” and you need more than just your normal 3 square meals, may I suggest fruit as a good option? Even beef jerky and something called “Droewors” can works wonders if your goal is to get lean.

They say that abs are made in the kitchen. They might be right, but I believe we all have abs, we just need to reveal them over time.

Banting or Ketogenic-style diets work so well because they keep insulin low and they provide you with energy and adrenaline which makes you feel good, but they aren’t sustainable in the long run and therefore we need to find balance.

My advice: Stay in the fasted fight-or-flight state for as long as you can. Plan ahead and make an effort towards your own dam health. Break your fast with eggs and veg and don’t eat cereal or sugary treats before 11 am. That’s all.

Make sure to download the free Nutrition Guide and become part of our fitness community by signing up to one of our coaching programs.

As it is written, “Anyone who knows the right thing to do, yet fails to do it, for him it is sin.” – James 4:17


Coach Jan

P.S. Be the Blessing.

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