The Body: Carbs, the Rocket Fuel


What do you believe about carbs? Have you become fearful of carbs? Or do you believe pasta will make you run fasta? Many people have subconsciously demonized carbs while others are unable give up the sweet stuff.

Today I’m going to put your mind at ease. Carbs are broken down into simple sugars and used as fuel by the brain and muscles.

These sugars (glucose, fructose, and galactose) are absorbed into the bloodstream, which then triggers the release of the anabolic hormone insulin. This signals the body to use carbs for the production of energy. Insulin turns off the use of adipose tissue (fat) for energy.

If this insulin response is triggered too often, the receptors get desensitized and resistant to the hormone signal. This leads to a reveresable medical condition known as insulin resistance, which is a precursor for type 2 diabetes.


But we don’t have to live in fear of carbs if we use our bodies the way they were designed to be used by actively working, moving, and lifting heavy loads. Our bodies were never designed to sit for 8 hours straight, and then sit some more at home because we are emotionally drained.

This is the purpose of Bodybuilding for Christ – To help you move with purpose and strength.

Today I would like to enlighten you about the best carb choices to improve your health and show you how you can enjoy a doughnut or ice cream without binge eating or feelings of guilt.

It’s important to know in what way food choices affect our hormones and energy. Knowing gives us the power to act wisely.

For just a moment, visualize the energy you carry as waves flowing through your veins. When there is balance you feel at peace.

Now throw 3 tsp of sugar into your coffee. The sugar + caffeine is like a nuclear bomb going off in your body. This is problematic.

Your body will always regulate your energy by circulating sugar through the bloodstream to the brain. Insulin is used to transfer any excess sugar out of the bloodstream into muscle cells, the liver, and fat cells. This can lead to a crash.

Sugar overfeeding can shock the body more than we might be aware of. It’s like a drug that triggers a host of events in the body including inflammation around joints. But the biggest effects of sugar can be seen on the mind.

The brain is the primary user of glucose in the body. Muscles also use glucose to perform, but not to the extent of the brain. Your brain burns up to 10 times more calories per lb of tissue than muscle cells do. That is quite an amazing fact. Your brain is a metabolic powerhouse.

We naturally love the sweet stuff. Chocolate has been shown to improve cognitive function and mood. Just washing your mouth with a sports drink has been shown to improve performance. Sugar gives us a mental high and that can be a good or bad thing, it all depends on the context.

So let’s be smart about it.


Carbs are stored in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscle cells. However, if you eat more sugar than you ought to, and if your liver and muscle glycogen stores are full, your body will change those carbs into fatty acids through a process called de novo lipogenesis and deposit them on your hips, thighs, and midsection.

Regular exercise will increase the need for muscle glycogen, and this will improve insulin sensitivity, even if we indulge a little every day. Thus, we can conclude that carbs aren’t the enemy. The real enemy is the comfort of our lazyboy lifestyles where we no longer move our bodies daily as we do hard labor for the harvest.

As it is written, “By the sweat of your brow you will eat bread, until you return to the ground—For dust you are, and to dust you shall return.” – Genesis 3:19

The world has changed alot over the years, but one thing still remains the same, our desire for the sweet things of life. We indulge in them all the time, and without even knowing it.

Every processed product, every grocery store aisle, and every office meeting has sugar in it. The human body is naturally inclined to seek out the mik and honey of life, and the world leaders know this well. Even the enzymes in your saliva is designed to break down carbs. Talk about being impatient for your sugar fix.

If you’ve ever tried to cut sugar from your diet you would know the futility in your attempt to. Carbs surround us in all 7 colors of the rainbow, and it is our responsibility to master our ability to say NO, and then stick to it. Only the most extreme measures will do and no must be no; all packaged goods must go. Just eat clean bro.

Is this realistic though? We are all a little weak at times, and then usually we give into temptation. If falling prey to the temptation leads to feelings of guilt, rejection, and punishment, then it will also lead to depression. Feeling like a failure is not a very positive mindset to be in if you want to change the outcome of your life. Therefore my approach to coaching involves grace and longsuffering as I know change takes time.


Nothing is inherently good or bad. Think of it like this. It’s not what you do, but how you do it that counts. If you sit on your ass all-day behind a screen and then you want to do a 1-hour HIIT workout after work. Do you really think you will need 400g of carbs each day? It’s about context.

If you are reading this with a desire to improve your health and feel high on life, then you will

A) Need to start moving your bum more often, and add strength training before/after work.

B) Learn the difference between complex carbs and simple carbs. Complex = Nature.

Complex Carbohydrates are the only source of fiber we get from our diets and low fiber scores have been linked to an increased risk of colon cancer and hemorrhoids. Fiber absorbs water inside the intestines and this helps you create the bulk of your poop. If you are constipated there might very well be a lack in your diet.

We need to create a healthy balanced internal environment that will not only help us lose weight and feel great, but also perform at our best. Smart or good carbohydrate choices will make you feel satisfied, fueled, and energized.

High GI foods (Simple Carbs) will have the opposite effect on the body, mind, and Spirit. We can manipulate the GI of certain foods by adding them to a plate with protein and fats.

Having a balanced meal with a mix of macros will slow down the absorption of simple sugars and this will help stabilize your blood sugar.

Fruits can also keep your sugar levels stable. As the cliché statement goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” That sounds like a lie. Bodybuilding for Christ will keep them away.


The best way to make this work is to introduce balance into everything you are planning to do. Make sure you do strength training every day. Double check to see if you are walking enough. Eat a balanced plate of natures best produce.

It’s not rocket science. It’s logical. Think about the context of your current lifestyle and then discern whether or not you have healthy habits. The composition of your body will reveal the truth. So take a long deep look into the mirror and ask yourself, “Am I being brutally honest?”

We are all responsible and INTEGRITY is to do the right thing, even if it’s the hardest thing to do. Think: What would a king and queen do?


If you must have something sweet in the morning: Choose fruit, a protein shake, and Omega 3 fish oil. Please just not a piece of cake, cupcake, or muffin… Even if it’s a bran muffin.


Snack on fresh fruits: Apples, pears, peaches, and berries are higher in fiber and provide a good dose of vitamins and slow-digesting carbs. Opt for a big ass grilled chicken salad if you can.


Eat carbs at night: This is the best thing you can do to refuel, relax, and sleep like a baby. Eating carbs at night will not make you fat if your energy is under control. Remember that.

One serving of carbs is the size of your fist. Ladies eat one serving, two if you are active.


All of us know what’s good for us. Hell, we even know when we are full. The biggest hurdle we face is temptation, and in this world temptation will never go away, we just become stronger.


The amazing thing about your brain is its ability to adapt and learn as you create new neural pathways through repetition. This habit-forming characteristic is what we see when we practice.

When we repeat actions that spike feel-good hormones multiple times throughout the day, the brain will want to get those kicks every day. This creates a sense of dependency as it makes you think of the activity that gave you the high.

If I think back to my younger days as a skater boy I can vividly remember how addicted I was to the high I experienced every time I landed a technical trick. This is why exercise can become a healthy addiction that will ultimately replace your unhealthy habits like just sitting around.

So if you are still on your ass, just get up and find something that will inspire you to train. Bodybuilding has become that for thousands of people around the world. Do it for Christ.

Join our 7-day trial program and see why.


If you love doughnuts and chocolate as I do, then I have some really good news for you. You really don’t have to go cold turkey.

God does not expect you to perform for His love, but He does desire for you to be healthy and in control. Therefore, if you are struggling with a binge eating disorder, bulimia, anorexia nervosa, or obesity, please reach out to me.

I can’t promise to fix you, but I can pray for you, provide you with support, and guide you step by step as you transform your body and mind.

Nothing is inherently bad, but in light of the effect something has on your health we can discern whether your actions are blessing you with life or cursing you with disease.

Carbs aren’t the enemy, inactivity is.

Get up and walk.

The Bible says, “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide you with a way out so that you can endure it.” – 1 Cor 10:13

The choice is yours.

Reflect on my words.

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Coach Jan

P.S. Be the Blessing.

P.S.S. You are fortunate to move.

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