The Original Design: Build a Strong Family with love.

Thank you for your time. My name is Jan-Roux. This will officially be the first post to go viral through the Bodybuilding for Christ platform.

My mission as a teacher is to share everything I know as I walk this path set before me. My desire as a coach is to teach you how to become stronger with the aim of building a healthy family for future generations because that’s what God desires from you and me.

Some of the things I share might offend you, but that’s a good thing, as that will make you think, and when you think you will seek, and when you find you will no longer be blind.

My intention is not to offend anyone or judge anything, nor is it the purpose of what I’m about to share with you. My intention is to make you think about your own actions. That’s all.

In the next few months, you will be challenged to shift a few paradigms that might be leading you down a slippery slope of turmoil and pain.

The truth is this world can influence us on a much deeper level than what we might be aware of. Research shows that our choices and beliefs can trigger genes to express themselves, increasing our risk for lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, depression, and obesity.

This natural interaction between nature and man is known as Epigenetics. If we understand this and act on it, then we can greatly reduce our risk for many of these lifestyle diseases.

Creating a safe space to build a healthy family starts with you and your actions.

The question I beg to ask is this: Why are we seeing a steady rise in early mortality rates year after year even though medical technology and health education is constantly evolving?

Everyone knows what’s healthy… We’re just not paying attention to what’s good for us.

You cannot be ignorant of the truth, and you cannot just sit there thinking it will never happen to you. All over the world millions of people like you and me are suffering because they thought it would never happen to them.

Ignorance is not bliss. Tomorrow you’ll see.

The world we’re living in today blinds us as they feed us with false information and wrongful religious interpretations. They make it nearly impossible for us not to gain weight as we are bombarded with the sweetest and fattest portions in the most convenient ways.

In the next 3 months, you will learn what it takes to master your own body, mind, and spirit. You will learn how to deny the old self, the identity that’s shaped by this world as you renew your mind through the spoken Word.

My mandate as a man of God is to delve deep into the mysteries of God’s Word (Logos) of Wisdom (Sophia) to help you see how you can integrate the creative power (Dunamis) of His spoken Word into the lives of those you love.

Living in and by the Word of God is how you can keep your family healthy and strong.

The Word of God says your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who dwells in you, the Spirit He placed within you at birth. This Spirit is not of the world, and that’s why this world rejects you, just like it rejected the only begotten Son.

The Word of God commands us to care for the temple, thereby honoring God for the gift of life we have freely received. What people don’t realize is the fact that “dieting” is so much more than simply what we eat. It’s what we look at, what we listen to, and even what we believe about ourselves and those around us.

It’s important to know you are made in the image and likeness of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Spirit resides within your physical body, and you have a beautiful soul that might have been damaged by this world. Think about thia for just a moment.

You were never born to look obese, feel weak, or get physically and mentally sick.

You’re a divine being who came into existence when God the Father (Spirit) and Gaia (Matter) gave life to all living beings. As it is written, “God formed man from the dust of the earth and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and man became a living being.” – Genesis 2

I think it’s good to make peace with the fact that the world is not for your health, and it will reject you and milk you for everything you have if you allow them to. We need to take responsibility for our health and the health of our loved ones before we end up in physical and spiritual debt.

Many people fall victim to the comfort zone. They eat for comfort, they drink for comfort, and they desire comfort more than change.

Everyone wants to be rich and famous and they will scratch every itch to get their way.

If you’ve ever tried losing weight, then you’d know what it takes to get out of the comfort zone. The effort required to change is more than most are ready or willing to face.

For change to take place you need to sacrifice our old ways. It’s time to stand up and fight the good fight for Christ sake. Temptations will never go away, but we can learn to master our bodies as we deny the power pleasure and comfort has over us. That is the only way we can truly break the chains holding us.

Look in the mirror. Look deep into your own heart and soul and be honest with yourself. What do you say about yourself? How do you see yourself? The truth is the real enemy is the one staring back at you. The one who makes you believe the lies you’re told by this world.

Who do you say you are? True change begins as a desire to be more than they say you are.

Trying something new is going to be tough, and at times even painful. It’s just like learning to ride a bike. At first, you might feel like a failure because you keep falling down. However, it’s only by falling down that you can get back up, learn a valuable lesson and then try again.

This learning curve applies to all things in life, especially to life with Jesus Christ. When you open your eyes in the morning you have a new opportunity to ride the bike with God the Father running after you, whispering in your ear, “Go left, go right, watch out for that… tree…”

This is how we learn and mature and this is why there’s enough grace for our mistakes.

I believe with all the noise around us in this world we’ve lost our ability to hear God’s voice. We’ve become desensitized to that intuitive voice that’s always there to lead us home.

This world will try to grab your attention, and then keep it. Psychology tells us that the more we see their marketing campaigns, the more we will trust them, and eventually we will embrace them as we begin to conform to the norm.

You know that little voice telling you that “eating another cookie is probably a bad idea”. That’s the voice of the Holy Spirit watching over you. How many of us actually obey His voice? Then we wonder why the world is sick and burning.

It’s simple. We don’t do what’s good for us. We choose to reach for the fruit of pleasure.

I believe many of us have become enslaved by the pleasures of life. Controlled by our natural desires for food, sex, power, and security.

The truth is, many of us are weak. We’ve chosen the life of comfort and pleasure because that’s the promise we’ve all been given by the world. This life of comfort leads to disappointment when we realize it will eventually fade away.

What I’ve learned from life is that I would rather experience pain and discomfort early on in life than to experience destruction later because I wanted to experience pleasure right now.

There will always be consequences for every action we choose to take. We can’t blame God, or even our genes for the mistakes we make. We can’t even blame satan for the world’s current state, that was our very first mistake.

During the 3-Day Fat Furnace you will learn how to sensitize your body, mind, and Spirit to listen and learn from the feedback you receive. You’re an intuitive being who senses unseen frequencies. It’s a gift called discernment that we’ve all received. You know what’s good and what’s not. Choose what’s best for your family.

We are made by Love, for Love, to be Loved. It’s a mutual desire we all share. This desire to feel loved and to have a family is so important to understand if we want to truly be healthy.

The world will never love us unconditionally like family was designed to. The world loves money. Their selfish love will take everything you own, and that includes your heart and soul.

Did you know your mind is the most powerful tool you own? It has the power to process unseen frequencies at lightning speed; it calculates, stores, and creates new pathways and solutions that never existed before. Through a host of sensory organs you can interpret real-time data like a supercomputer.

The brain sends this data through the entire body via the central nervous system (CNS), and this creates a response in the body. Whether that’s pleasure or pain.

Our bodies are designed to work synergistically with our environment and when our emotions are triggered by the world it affects the entire system. Mental and physical health, it’s all interconnected. We are emotional beings. We have feelings and they trigger us to do and say things. Tears when we feel sad, high blood pressure when we get mad, and adrenaline when we are under attack.

Choose to be open-minded about the power of your own words. You are a child of God, and the creative Word of God dwells in you. Use it wisely to speak and bless others.

The world will use images, words, and even sounds to trigger a desire in your mind and before you know it, you’re ready to buy.

The world is a consumer, but not the material kind, its desire is for your mind. If they can control what you think, they control what you feel, and this way they can tell you what’s real.

Your soul is prized above all the gold in this world, and when you acknowledge your own worth you will truly live. This process of self-discovery is never easy if you have nothing to go by, and that’s why I’ve put in the work.

This is an important message to consider, and not to be underestimated. This message will fill the holes in your soul with the power to say NO. This message will connect your heart with the Holy Ghost (Acts 10:44).

All of us do what we do for different reasons, but at the core of it we see family. We want to be loved, and we want to love. But it’s only when we start to fight for a greater cause than just ourselves that we can ignite the fire and strength (Passion) needed to see us through.

You need to know that changing your ways will be tough, but the pain you’re feeling right now will be nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed to you as you make it through the furnace. We cannot do this alone, and that is why we need family to support us.

If you’re new, please feel free to join the community by signing up to either one of the online strength training programs and remember, don’t just pray for a blessing, be the blessing and you will be blessed.

Coach Jan

P.S. Join the movement, it’s free.

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